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Jane Shiyah and Colin Murphy

Jane Shiyah, co-founder of Blackinton Village Cohousing and Colin Murphy, owner of Murphy Builders & Remodeling, developer of the site and Advisory Board member.


We are offering FREE LAND from a 47 acre parcel to a homeowner that is looking to build a net zeropassive, or green home in Northern Berkshire County, MA.

If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer the best in green home construction.


Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. Our employees are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way.

Murphy Builders and Remodeling has been doing business in North Adams, Ma. since 2001 and in business since the 1980’s. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Out of town clients: 

We do have an airport in town. I would be glad to pick you up there or at the Albany International Airport.


Murphy Builders and Remodeling provides professional custom building and remodeling services to residential and commercial clients throughout Berkshire County, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont.
Founder and owner Colin Murphy has a design/build background in civil engineering and architecture, and has worked in engineering firms in both Albany and Berkshire Counties. He began Murphy Builders with the goal of using the best quality materials available to provide quality construction, combined with excellent communication and service.
We understand that the art of building living spaces is more than just expert craftsmanship, it is providing professional service to the homeowner.
While well-versed in all aspects of the building process, Murphy Builders specializes in custom Green homes.
A home provides more than shelter and warmth—it offers us a place to feel comfortable and relaxed, in a setting that reflects our own style/values/interests. A well-designed and constructed home gives space for living, working, playing, and storage. Murphy Builders will work with you to transform any part of your home into a place that better suits you and your family. If you can dream it, we can build it.
Certified Pella Contractor (CPC) for all of your interior and exterior window and door needs.
We use traditional hand craftsmanship methods emphasizing quality over quantity.
Murphy Builders and Remodeling is family owned and operated right here in North Adams, MA. Since our company opened its doors in 2001, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are unique and come with a personal touch.  



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  1. Dear Mr. Murphy (& Ms. Shiyah),

    I am a longtime former home owner (& even former builder) that just happens to have lost a home on the west coast due to wildfires. Yet, I also happen to have elements of my current environmental education business-related life + colleague-network as well as very near-to-heart “family-kinfolk” situated back east in your territory.

    SO, since ‘tied to various “lifestyle happenings” that overlap in Massachusetts, it may be beneficial for me (& certain family members) to plan on a relocation-project. And as I checked into things, I currently noticed your “package offering” via this website …

    Therefore, I’m merely touching base @ this moment to ask: do you currently still have available land being offered for free as part of the Blackinton Village co-housing “build-via-your-company” setup ?

    Please update whenever convenient… And thanks ahead of time for any feedback plus further details you can provide!

    ‘Til later, take care…

    Ms. Anne K. Teschler

  2. Hi, I am interested in learning more about this. I hiked back in October and passed it on my way back. I know very little about these types of community’s but would like to learn more. I know there is a deposit and I’m interested in different building options and pricing.
    Thank you for any further info